11 February 2006

New Technology

Getting a new computer may seem like a great step, especially when its predecessor had actually died; however, setting up the new computer is not treat when you've data to recover all messed together in some crazy dump of an old hard drive. Next step during this coming week will be cleaning up data off my kids computer that served as an interim device for me for more than a month. The tax return is wiped out, but I've got a good machine having taken a little less for video card at 128 MB of RAM there, but with a faster Intel processor. It's a Gateway, which is a brand that has served me quite well in the past. Now I hope that when Windows Vista hits the market, this computer will be adequately equipped to handle the upgrade.

iPod update: over 1500 songs and more than 1200 photos in only 7 gig of data. I love it!

05 February 2006


I love my new video iPod.