31 March 2009

We live in love

and apart.

Another sonnet of caring heart
I will not write.

Oh, lame poet,
whose pen betrays,
lets stray thoughts cross
a page of notebook paper.

He is the dearest friend
of the me I share
not at all.

Closed completely
from those around
so pretense of fabulous wit
is intelligent fakery.

28 March 2009

The ethical dilemma of facebook "friending"

What do you do when people you know
but with whom you've never been friends
Ask to "friend" you
on facecbook?

It was years, decades ago:
the old conflicts, the hard feelings.
You thought you were over it.
It seems that you're not.

Do you pretend?
Do you swallow pride?
Do you accept the invite
and then just never message?

Living thousands of miles away,
it's not like you'll ever see them.

And if there's trouble,
can end a flame war.

So maybe it's like the teen talk
that you keep close
to scrutinize,
letting the Internet
be the glass
between you
and vitriol.

15 March 2009

Another quarter finished

Now there are 5 courses out of the way working toward my EdS. Only 7 more are left to go. Every day is progress. Still, it's nice today just to sit, relax and not worry about finishing a mountain of reading or posting responses to discussion questions in the course room.

Yoga is going well. I've been at it for 10 weeks now this year, and I feel a lot better at work, and sleep a little bit better each night. However, I've not exactly kept pace with my online yoga club. It's not really something I have to keep at a certain pace though. Some weeks are a bit more challenging than others, and when weekends were too busy with course work to download workouts and pose tutorials, I relied on a couple of DVDs that I have from the same company. Because of those little bumps, its sometimes tough to get through morning practice. I do it though. I need it. Beau watches me; he stays curled up in his chair and watches me do downward facing dog. How ironic.

Now, I just have to work on my diet a bit, reduce stress induced sugars and fats. Then maybe some of this spare tire that I've stored up can go a way. I'm not so concerned about the weight itself, just the shape of my body and my overall fitness level.