02 October 2006

Cable's new anti-hero

Dexter on Showtime (www.sho.com) is the latest interpretation of the anti-hero from the cable network.  Starring Michael C. Hall of HBO's Six Feet Under, the series realizes Jeff Lindsay's Darkly Dreaming Dexter.  I've never read the book, though I've read "slasher" fiction before.  It's well acted; however, I don't care for all the narration.  It would almost be better I think if Dexter just spoke directly to the camera.

Despite the presence of chopped and mangled victims in some scenes, it's really not the most gruesome thing on television.  Not actually seeing all the gore makes for better mental imagery that I can edit myself as needed.  Definitely, the show targets a more intellectual audience and less the teen market.  The parallel with the evil serial killer makes for an interesting plot line that I hope will carry it well through the season without being over played.  Let's hope there series keeps quality without cashing the gore check.