15 November 2008

Notes for the week

Band is finally done for Page. Northgate made it to the first round of state playoffs, but alas, we lost against the Marist War Eagles, 42-0. Looks like the War Eagles plucked the Vikings. At least Page will be able to have some weekends to himself again.

My leadership class toward my EdS has come to an end. Fortunately, this conclusion means a little less stress during the work week for me. I've got plenty to do still though with two classes ongoing; both have heavy reading requirements. At least we're coming up on some vacation time in my teaching schedule, so I'll be able to deal with the reading because I won't have as many teaching obligations.

Last week, my mother's dog passed away. Tommy had been her faithful Yorkie for more than 16 years. She's affected for sure, and she will wait a while before considering adopting a new dog. She still has her cats, and I'm sure she'll be ok, but I feel for her.

At her school, my daughter is pursuing the drama career of her dreams. In her class, Marie is auditioning for all the fun parts in her class plays. I think she may have been bitten by the showbiz bug.

07 November 2008


Now that it's Friday night, I'm resting on the sofa watching SciFi Channel's Stargate Atlantis. I suppose that at heart I will always be a scifi nerd. I can't help but wonder if that has any bearing on my ability to make friends? This past week, my asthma has been a real challenge for me. I've been using my inhalers as much as dosage will allow, and finally my symptoms are returning to normal manageable levels. Whew.

Election day was long. I waited in line for 90 minutes before casting my vote, and I had arrived at the polls by 6:45 AM. My vote made little difference in my state, but I felt accomplished as part of the democratic process. I'm glad to see our country move in a new direction, and I'll be hoping for more progress. The constitutional ballot initiatives in Florida, California and Arizona leave me in a state of grief, but I'm hopeful for revised initiatives in future elections.

Today was my sister's 37th birthday. John and I sent her an iPod Nano. She had a baby last month, and I think with the typical hullabaloo around a new baby, mom can get a little forgotten. I look forward to seeing my new niece as soon as I can, but in the meantime, I wanted my sister Kristie to know just how special she is. When I talked to her on the phone today, she was incredibly surprised and happy about her present. She wants to play movies on it while she exercises. I hope she doesn't forget about the baby.

My son has had a lot less stress since marching band finished its busiest season. Our high school went to regional playoffs tonight, so the band still had a show. However, the rehearsal schedule he faces is greatly reduced. I'm glad because he's getting more sleep, but he's also trying to parlay his free time into video game play. I won't go for it.

While at her mother's house, my daughter had a blast on Halloween. She filled a pillowcase with candy when she went trick-or-treating. Apparently in the last week she has halved what remained from her treats that night. Her mother has since made me the warden of the candy, and now somehow I'm to develop will power enough of my own not to eat it all myself. Quel dilemme!

Beau, my lovely dog, has been a bit goofy this week. I think he's feeling a little stir crazy with being indoors too much. More walks, more walks, more walks. We both need the exercise.

02 November 2008

Election only two days away

Well, decision day is almost here. If not for Page's hectic schedule for marching band, I might have voted early. Instead I'll go early to my polling place Tuesday morning to cast my ballot. We'll be up late watching returns. This looks to be an intense and exciting election day.

Yesterday Page had the last band competition of the season.  Unfortunately, they lost the grand champion spot by 0.8 points.  They did win best marching and best visual effect.  The show really was good.  They still have a play-off game to perform.  Who knows?  Football could go to state (knock on wood).