30 October 2005

Waking Up With A Headache

It's hard to start your day feeling as if you can conquer the world when your head is aching, your throat is burning and you're more exhausted than when you went to bed.

26 October 2005


crayon de mine graphite - octobre October 2005 2005 Posted by Picasa
I did this drawing from photographs that I took of doves flying over the Little River Canyon near Fort Payne, AL.

25 October 2005

Pre-tax or Post-tax

Trying to make heads or tails of the complexities of employee benefits during open enrollment can be quite confusing. The prospect of orthodontics for my children leaves me wondering if it’s even possible to put enough into my medical flex savings account. It may all become a tax benefit, but then there’s not enough available for gasoline or groceries. Yikes! Nevertheless, I’ve reenrolled, and I supposed I’ll have 12 full months to decide whether I’ve made a horrible mistake.

23 October 2005

Glass & Glitter

Once either of those shiny bits hits your floor, you will never get them all from the carpet or linoleum or hardwood. Months after the Pyrex lid crashes and shatters on the floor, a bare foot finds the one missed sliver embedded between two toes, a trickle of blood unable to hide the sparkle. As for glitter, once a seven year old gets hold of a shaker for a class project, you can run your vacuum cleaner until the Apocolypse, and there will be still one more glint in the carpet when the Lord's hallowed luminescence enters into your home.