08 March 2007

The hardest time of the year

It's not Christmas
or Thanksgiving
or Valentine's Day
or Easter
or Halloween.
It's Girl Scout Cookie season!

03 March 2007

A time to remember what I have

  • Two beautiful, loving, wonderful, sweet, brilliant children
  • A loving and caring boyfriend who doesn't get bent out of shape over piles of junk mail, art supplies, books, CD's, computer software, DVD's, knickknacks, clean laundry
  • A great dog
  • Parents that love me for who I am
  • A very cool sister
  • A funny brother-in-law
  • A little gem of a niece
  • Extended family members that manage to lift my spirits when I least expect it
  • A good job that lets me do what I love to do
  • Rent that I can afford
  • A Webcam that works
  • A nifty iPod video
  • A car that I like, that fits my budget, that zips nicely along the Interstate and that let's me avoid those bitches in SUV's
  • Students who call me their favorite teacher
  • Colleagues who say that I'm really smart
  • A mustache and soul patch that actually look kind of sexy
  • Hair on the top of my head without having to do a comb-over