12 February 2007

Microsoft F-ing SUCKS!

Customer support is, to quote Battlestar Galactica, "frakking" useless!

07 February 2007

Somewhere in my youth or childhood

Things I miss:

  • Funny Face drink mix and collectible cups
  • Hershey's Chocolate Syrup in a can
  • Thrifty Drugstore ice cream cones
  • Saturday morning cartoons with School House Rock on ABC before Disney's aquisition
  • Wild Kingdom brought to you by Mutual of Omaha
  • Name That Tune
  • Sesame Street before Elmo
  • The Electric Company with Rita Moreno
  • transistor radios
  • black & white TV shows rerun on regular broadcast TV
  • good penmanship
  • gasoline for 75¢ a gallon
  • letters sent by US Mail for 15¢
  • The Muppet Show
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman
  • Merry-go-rounds and see-saws at public parks
  • crossing guards
  • four-square, jumping rope, kickball

03 February 2007

Windows Vista? ARGH!

If your new copy doesn't come with a brand new computer, don't bother! All the new features aren't worth the headache of making even one piece of legacy (XP and below) hardware work! In fact, if you're going to spend the money, get a Mac. My birthday is in June, and a new Mac is going to be my present to myself! To hell with debt management!