30 December 2006

Afternoon respite

Lounging and enjoying a glass or two of dry red wine is very nice indeed. It helps put off the more frustrating thoughts about the upcoming New Year. Only one more day until 2007, and I'm ready to start a new year. However, I could use a little more time before returning to school. This last semester was an arduous trial without a real planning period. This next semester will be one step more difficult, a fifth level of French to teach. Please, send help.

20 December 2006

French ogre

I must have been Mr. Mean this semester. Although I don't teach so that I get Christmas cards or little gifts, it is nice to be remembered. Perhaps the stress of teaching an extended schedule shortened my patience just a bit too much.

There was one in 85 that did think of me as other than a grumpy giant. Thanks. I appreciate being remembered more than you can realize. Teaching isn't really a thankless job, and I'm glad that sometimes I reach students beyond the classroom. Joyeux Noël à tous!