30 August 2008

Marching band delights my son

He's hooked!
He is in love with marching band.  Last night at the season opening football game for Northgate, the band rocked and executed all their drills impressively.  Page didn't miss a step or a beat and made me very proud last night.  He played his heart out, marched like a pro.

In the car he said to me, "Papa, this is like being on the football team.  I have to go to all the practices, and I have to be at all the games."  He also said, "That makes my band class like going to weight training."

What capped it all?  Our team won!

What will make his mom cheer?  He asked to get his hair cut, so he won't be so hot in his uniform!

Will wonders never cease?

24 August 2008

Living w/my son

After nearly three weeks of cohabitation with my son, I think we're finally getting into some kind of groove. Good day, bad day, good day, bad day, etc. Well, it's better than that. We've got a lot of adjustments to make because he's been living with his mother for the last 3 years, and she definitely operates her household differently than I do mine. High school is proving to be a sincere kick in the pants for him, but his spirit wears lederhosen, so I think he'll make it through his freshman year. Marching Band and Spanis Club seem to be where his interests lie, and that's not bad at all. It's also a bit weird for me to be the high school dad and not just the high school teacher. Now my daughter is talking about what high school will be like for her, asking questions about being in my French classes or taking my art class. It will be fun to have both my children in school with me. I'm excited. In the meantime, I have to learn to be patient with the young teen that's here with me now.

I really don't like

... writing lesson plans.

22 August 2008

Well underway!

Whew! After two and a half weeks of school, my students are all into their first projects. My French 2 students will give short oral presentations on their future careers. In my French 3 class, students are 'remodeling' a room in their house while keeping to a budget in Euros. My students in Visual Arts 1 have completed a project on the principles of design, and starting Monday, they'll be exploring the art of Australian Aborigines. I'm excited.

16 August 2008

Back to school : La rentrée

A new school year is underway here in West Central Georgia. I've got four preps: French 2, French 3, French 4 & Visual Arts 1. It's going to be a very busy semester and not just because of my teaching schedule. My courses for an EdS begin in September. Already, I've got my books on hand, and in a few weeks I'll have my own homework to finish.