30 May 2006


In my first four years at Northgate, Page and Marie would accompany me to school on teacher planning days only to claim they were bored out their minds, they hated coming with me, that all the other children of teachers were allowed to have so much more fun. Today, however, by the simple whim of an anxious father, I kept them with me all day rather than taking them to their grandparents by lunchtime. Page and Marie clung to me throughout day like socks to a sweater fresh from the dryer. I coaxed them into making rounds to say hello to teachers that knew them and to introduce them to a few new faces. We made a little movie theater in my room using the DVD player and the large projection screen. They ate their Lunchables and snacks and helped me clean my classroom. Their only lament was that they weren't going to be spending all my planning days at Northgate with me. God, I miss them so terribly every day. Two years seems like torture, but they will pass.

28 May 2006

« A Brand New Car ! »

If only these had been the words of Bob Barker.
Instead, it's what I acquired on my own last weekend. "My own" meaning that I signed the loan papers all by myself. John only came along with me to help finagle a lower monthly payment. Fortunately, I was also able to get a good trade-in value for my old, road-weary Saturn.
My new Elantra is kind of sexy and very fun. The hatchback gives some room for Beau when I take him along with the kids and me. It drives easily with tight handling and sporty suspension. The kids like riding in it and are enjoying the "new car smell" as much as I do. To top it all off, the warranty will last as long as the loan!

27 May 2006

School's out for summer!

Working with students is very rewarding, but I needed a freaking break from the business of teaching. With all the personal upheaval I've felt at home relating to the recent custody hearing, I've found school to be especially taxing the harder I've tried not to let my personal life interfere. I've leaned on my students, and honestly, without their support, I wouldn't have got through the ordeal. Although my own children are with me only 1/3 of the year, I had 65 others with me 5 days a week professing their faith in me as a teacher and a father. I really do have awesome students, and I'm grateful to have worked with all of them this year.

08 May 2006

« Bachelor » dinner

I'm not exactly a bachelor, but I have too many nights home alone. When money is tight and there's not much food to go on at home, I've learned to improvise.

on medium-high heat warm 3 Tbsp olive oil in a 10" cast-iron skillet
add 1/2 a sweet onion chopped and "sweat" it in the pan
add one Idaho potato diced with skin
add 4 Tbsp random chopped herbs (I used parsley, oregano, lavender, rosemary and sage)
let this sautee until the edges of the potato pieces turn white
then add about 1 cup of frozen mixed vegetables (I used a California blend)
next I added two Boca brand frozen vegetarian Italian sausages
then 1/3 cup liquid (I used water and Grey Goose vodka)
cover and let simmer until potatoes are tender enough to cut with a fork
MMMMM...Was it good!

1/2 a multigrain bagel... toasted
about 15 or dark choclate chips (I used Ghirardelli 70% cocoa baking pieces)
1 Tbsp creamy peanut butter
place the chips on the freshly toasted bagel and then "nuke" that for about 10 to 15 seconds
then shmeer on the peanut butter
[Anyone who claims this isn't delicious is lying out his ass!]