30 May 2006


In my first four years at Northgate, Page and Marie would accompany me to school on teacher planning days only to claim they were bored out their minds, they hated coming with me, that all the other children of teachers were allowed to have so much more fun. Today, however, by the simple whim of an anxious father, I kept them with me all day rather than taking them to their grandparents by lunchtime. Page and Marie clung to me throughout day like socks to a sweater fresh from the dryer. I coaxed them into making rounds to say hello to teachers that knew them and to introduce them to a few new faces. We made a little movie theater in my room using the DVD player and the large projection screen. They ate their Lunchables and snacks and helped me clean my classroom. Their only lament was that they weren't going to be spending all my planning days at Northgate with me. God, I miss them so terribly every day. Two years seems like torture, but they will pass.

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