07 March 2006

Kennel cough

Training a new dog so that he can be successfully acclimated to your home is a challenge in itself. Throw in some rambunctiousness along with just a touch of stubbornness, then add a case of kennel cough, and you've got the makings of a very long night indeed. Beau, my new dog, is a sweet addition to our home. He's good natured and seems to learn quickly. However, when he came to sounding as if he'd cough up a Mack truck, I got very worried. Thank goodness for the doctors at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital (www.dogwoodvet.com) who assuaged my fears over the phone and Beau's cough in their clinic. Dr. Johnson's calm advice during a 4 AM call helped Beau to get some rest and me to get some peace of mind. At least I was able to clean up the phlegm and vomit without too much difficulty. The medines seem to be helping him, and everyone is getting some needed rest.

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