27 November 2006

Holiday doggie dangers

What a harrowing night!

Whilst I worked away teaching French to my students, my dog decided to eat a small Christmas ornament. Don't assume he was home alone. My father, bless him, could not begin to keep up with my dog who, if a toddler, would be in the midst of his terrible twos. Despite grandfatherly vigilance, my Beau chomped on a tiny glass snowman and ingested a few little jagged bits. However, it wasn't until nearly 6 PM that the dog decided to regurgitate those bits onto the floor.

Panic sets in quickly.

Being a father and a pet owner, the adrenaline can get going just as easily when either loved one is in a potentially dangerous condition. I was on the way to the vet and speed dialing the clinic's number in less than 5 minutes. Fortunately my decade trusted veterinarian was able to reassure me, and instead I needed only to stop at the drugstore for some stomach remedies and to monitor my dog through the night.

Fortunately, within a few hours the vomiting tapered into to peacefully puppy sleep.

Thank goodness for generic pink bismuth, bread slices and patience.


Nick said...

how harrowsome

Nick said...

I wouldn't consider yourself being wrapped up in yourself. You have much more on your plate than i do.


It wouldnt let me inset the picture so heres the link:


Nick said...

I know your listening which is why i talk to you.

Ill just find some convenient way to get you the picture