25 May 2008

L'art baroque

Here is a presentation that I prepared last fall for my Visual Arts 1 class. Maybe others might find a mini lesson of their own in here. In 2008-09, I'll have at least two art classes. With a second run at this course, I can fine tune my projects, rework the failures and imagine some new options. Art for everyone, I say, more of it!


jl said...

I really like your PowerPoint and would like a copy of it

The new page layout is great


Kenny said...

Mom, I'm glad you like the presentation. I e-mailed a PPT version of it to your sff.net account.

Anonymous said...

I love de La Tour and Vermeer. Painters who paint light are amazing. Oh, and Magritte. Oh, and Gilbert Williams.

Kenny said...

Focus on highlights! That's the advice of one of my very talented colleagues. I've learned so much from her in the last year of teaching art. Drawing and painting light is actually easier than it seems, but oh so important!