01 December 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving

This past Thanksgiving was wonderful. My mother came from Nevada; my boyfriend came from New York; my children were with me all week. With the slightly crowded apartment, we managed not to step on each others' toes, to enjoy family time together in a relaxed manner and to stock up a few memories for years to come.

We also put our Christmas tree. Since most of the time there's only my son and I here, it was nice to have family all around to decorate the tree together. This makes my son's 14th Christmas and my daughter's 12th. Counting Christmases seems just so silly on one hand, but on the other, each one is important. I wish I could distinguish one from the other, but basically they all sort of run together. Happy lights on the Christmas tree that is my brain...very bad analogy, but I don't care.

Only 24 more days are left until Christmas. That one and Thanksgiving are my favorites though today they do not compare to the holidays I spent as a child in Nevada. The constant flow of relatives in and out of our home and my grandmother's (who lived just down the street) gave me a great sense of connection. It's a connection I try hard every year to recreate, and given the challenges my family faces in geography alone, that task is no easy one.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was a perfectly fine analogy! You're brave to put out your tree this early--you probably keep it well-watered. We're unable to be disciplined about that, and the carpet is a-glitter with needles by the 2nd week of December.

Kenneth Swanson said...

Oh hell no! Our tree is 100% artificial. It's a crying shame. When I was still married and lived in a house, we bought a potted tree each year and planted it when the ground softened up a little in early spring. Apartment life with my boyfriend constantly out of town means it isn't so simple. Neither do I want the dog to think a natural Christmas tree is an indoor potty. Until I'm back in a home I own, it will be this reliable tree-in-a-box.