15 February 2009

The week ahead or The List

So next week is my mid-winter break. Although I won't have to go to my classroom at all, I will have plenty of work to do:
  • complete readings for each of my two graduate courses
  • complete discussion questions & responses for the aforementioned classes
  • complete an assignment/paper for each of these classes
  • grade papers for all of my own classes
  • prepare lessons for all my own classes
  • prepare substitute instructions for all my own classes for three days of the following week
  • arrange a carpool for my son for the three days that I'll be attending a graduate colloquium
  • attend a graduate colloquium that begins Saturday
  • practice yoga daily
  • walk the dog daily
  • have the car serviced: change oil & request little warranty repairs; rotate tires; wash
  • wash & fold laundry
  • do dishes
  • do the custody shuffle with children and ex-wife
  • shop for food
  • watch TiVo with addictively reckless abandon
  • read Watchmen
  • bathe the dog
  • press the Easy button
  • do the Dew
  • Just do it
Ok. Got it. Why do I need a vacation?

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