15 June 2009

One of the most disturbing images...

At DixieLand Fun Park today, the kids and I saw this game, Spider Stomp. The pictures on it were so disturbing. Spiders and people in crazed mayhem, joyfully awaiting destruction and death: it's just not right! (Photo Credit - Marie Cécile on an Insignia 10Mp NS-DSC10A)

Page, Marie, and I were seriously buggin' (pun intended) on the creep factor of this arcade entertainment. It wasn't a video game, it was like those whack-a-mole games only without a mallet. You just jump up and down on these raised red spider bodies. A couple of little tykes walked up to play it while we had sodas, but those two lost interest. After they left, Page walked up and finished off the game. He won one of those prize redemption tickets.

Suddenly those mechanical claws that reach for stuffed animals but always drop them at the last second don't seem so bad.

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