20 June 2005

In The Life

American media is screwed, over spun. We can have nothing gay it seems in mainstream media unless it's about interior decorating or fashion makeovers. I'm not asking to see men having sex together on prime time TV (but I wouldn't mind). I mean, would it have been so bad if Will or Jack had partnered with a great guy by the time Will & Grace had come to a close? After all, Karen and Grace each got married and divorced. We can just ignore the Jack + Rosario plot line as that dealt more I feel with undocumented workers rather than anything gay or straight. If you've got the money for cable or DVD collections, you can see what's happening on Six Feet Under, Queer As Folk or The L Word, but even in those remarkable programs, the mark sometimes gets missed; too much is spent on sex, and not enough is spent on people, graphically I mean. Why do we have to wait until June, Pride month, before we get regular feedback in the media anyway? It's not like nobody is gay the other 11 months of the year.

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