18 January 2008

Finally, some relief

After more than a week battling the evil, horrible monster that is asthma, I've started breathing better. My dog Beau was pleased today when we resumed our walk around the entire apartment complex instead of just out to the pet stand and back to the apartment. I was glad too that when we returned, I wasn't completely out of breath. Additionally, there's a day off from school Monday, so I can get a little extra needed rest this weekend. Teaching this past week, though only three days because I took two from sick leave, was very difficult. I huffed and puffed like a big bad wolf just to be able to lead a few verb conjugations and simple dialogue activities. I'll have three days at home to recuperate a bit. One advantage of being alone so much is that I don't have to talk to anyone, and I can let my lungs and voice rest. The dog just wants me to pet him, and he doesn't mind if I'm quiet.


Anonymous said...

Great news! Any idea what brings it on and what makes it go away?

Kenny said...

There are for me a number of triggers: allergies (mostly to mold & pollen), using aspirin or ibuprofen too frequently for headaches brought on by obnoxious high schoolers, severe weather changes, even stress. So if I move to an arid idyllic location where there is no stress, then I'll be fine.