27 January 2008

The old Sony Walkman has died

Alas, 'tis true. The old yellow and black cassette player with AM/FM Radio and TV & weather bands has died....sort of. The radio still works, but the cassette motor has ground to a halt. Actually, this one was about the fourth I had of its type before I switched to CD players then finally to an iPod.

It served me well. I used it the entire time I was walking then running off the pounds from 250 down to 180! Two years ago, the little diva helped me convert my 80's cassettes to MP3 so I make get my audiothèque as digital as possible and fully enter the 21st century.

Today, it gave up the ghost. I was converting some AP French language study cassettes to MP3 to make easier to use CD's for my one student using the accompanying workbook. After the first successful conversion, the motor in the 10-year old Walkman died. Poor thing. I haven't the heart to get rid of it. Whatever shall I do?

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