06 March 2008

Finally, the prodigal homo returns

He arrived Tuesday night, and it was such a wonderful treat for him to have come home. Eight months of separation, and I was near to bonkers. After little more than 24 hours with him, and I shan't go into detail, I felt so much better about getting out of bed, going to work, teaching students, having a department meeting, grading papers, etc., etc., etc. My students even inquired as to what had come over me and to why I was in such a good mood. With nothing more than an impish broad smile, I went on with my lesson.

He'll have a few days at home before moving on the the next job. With hope, he'll soon hear something from Siemens, and that could translate into a much more convenient work schedule with better benefits and more time home. John should know more after a phone call tomorrow. All I can do is pray, I suppose.

Beau is one ecstatic puppy. The man who rescued him from the pound has returned. John is the embodiment of goodness for that dog. I, however, am nothing more than the food, bath, vet and poop guy, I guess. At least my man is more grateful that the dog!


Anonymous said...

Prodigal homo. Comedian. You should go on the road.

Not that you haven't thought this through a million ways, but is there any arrangement that would allow for more time together in the long run?

Kenny said...

For the time being, meaning until my youngest (11 y.o.) graduates high school, this setup will most likely remain in place. However, we have thought about how to be together more than we are, but so far there's been no revelation of anything practicable.