04 February 2008

Contributing editor

Today I posted an entry to my step-mother Susan's stamping and craft blog called A Beautiful Card. She has a home based business reselling craft supplies from Stampin'Up! Susan also gives demonstrator lessons in various craft making projects largely centered around card making. This past Thanksgiving, she did a great job applying those skills to some scrapbook pages that my children and I were making from souvenirs from our ROAD TRIP AROUND AMERICA this past summer. (See entries from June & July 2007.) Her site has potential and could, I think, boost some revenues from her work with Stampin'Up! Frankly it's amazing all that you can make with some paper, tape, stamps & markers. When teaching and its ancillary late night paperwork leave me a spare minute, I will endeavor to contribute more to that site. In the meantime, make something beautiful!

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