13 February 2008


These latest primaries in the Potomac region lave chiseled away at her lead enough to put Obama ahead. I don't know. "Change" is a platitude that doesn't impress me. I like Hillary's platform, and I don't care for anything the Republicans have to say. Obama doesn't seem to say enough in the press for me to "buy in", but then maybe I'm just too "old" now to be caught up in the movement a man 8 years older than me seems to inspire in the young. I guess I'll keep reading and watching and listening.

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Bob Slentz-Kesler said...

I confess I haven't looked deeply into the backgrounds of any candidates yet. Until I have a say, it's a waste of my time. It feels more like keeping up with gossip at this point. When my time comes, I'll take a close look. Until then, I'm reading blogs!